PΞGΛSS is mainly a Psy, Goa, Trance, Electronic music project
(started in 1998) from Estonia, residing in Belgium.

Additionally PΞGΛSS also produces Chillout, Progressive and
occasionally some other substyles of Electronic music.

Ahto, the man behind the project (born in Estonia, now living
in Belgium) has been experimenting with electronic music since
1998. Big fan of oldschool goa and psy trance and also Synthpop,
Darkwave, EBM.

Despite the early beginning in 1998, the first public release
(Single “Dark Monks of Redemption”) saw the light of day only
until in the beginning of 2016. Better late than never.

In the following years Ahto plans to release more tracks that are made
during 1998-2016. Some of them are being remastered right now.
Releases will include collaborations with vocal artists and unique
styles. Some of Work In Progress is available for listening on works